Main Channel Voices - Spring 2006

Good Night, Sam Dog

 we have to take
our lab dog in
today for the
final time.

he's gonna get
the shot and leave
this reality.

 i just gave him
his last huge bowl
of food.

he lies on the ground
in a bit of daze
completely void
of understanding that
this is his last
morning on earth.

he had a last,
good night.

 i never saw the old man
get as many pig ears,
dog bones, mashed potatoes,
pastrami, bread and assorted bones
as he did last night.

 i let him dig in the bathroom
trash without a peep,
rifle through cat shit and
eat all of it up.

 not a word from me
as all the months and months
of trying to deter that
behavior come down to
his final hours until he
walks the green mile for
a crime he didn't commit.

one of the best dogs i've
ever been around
and he just deteriorated
until the sedatives just didn't
make a difference anymore.

i'm not sure what to say
to the old man in his final
journey down here,
but i'm sure i'll muster something
up as i listen to all his
breathing sounds from the other room
as if I've never heard them