Video Poems
Chicken Nugget Party -
Early Morning Excitement Smile
Forever 32-cent Lottery Winner - Kerouacland
Little Letterman - Never Eending Grocery List
Wind = God - Lime Green Truck God

Miles Lies on My Truth - Many Miles - A Miles Breath
Kid Wishing Well - Can You Stop Thinking?
Bushit - Credit Card King - Contrast Between Elations
Water Spider Baby - Anti-Tragic - Coffee and Chocolate with Jesus
Counting Upward and Onward - Delicious Carrot Cakes - Dick
Driven To Wonder - Earth Vs. Fantasy
Enormous Downsizing - Everyone in this Town is Waiting for Something to Happen
Everything I Leave Becomes Better Somehow - Existential Existence
Gravy All Over Everything - I Keep Losing My Place in the Story